Nadorcott Mandarin tree was discovered in Morocco, in INRA’s (National Institut of Agronomic research) citrus collections and then selected and planted by LES DOMAINES AGRICOLES during the 9O’s.

The Nadorcott variety is a natural hybridization of Murcott Variety (Mandarin tree x Orange Tree).

Naturally Savoury

The mandarin Morocco Nadorcott Seedless stands out by its original and surprising flavour thanks to a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Its aromatic and juicy flesh, sweet with a point of acidity, melts in the mouth offering an exceptional tasting experience.

Naturally Seductive

Morocco Nadorcott Seedless mandarin seduces by its attractive shape beautifully flattened, its smooth skin and its intense orange colour.

Its excellent shelf-life and its late availability from mid-January to mid-May makes it the worldwide star of easy-peelers.

Naturally Supervised

From the production, Morocco Nadorcott Seedless® mandarin is strickly controlled, at all stages guaranteeing premium quality fruits:


  • Identification system of the variety ensuring traceability to the source,
  • Taceability system « Gestavec » offering an additional guarantee of the variety and the origin,
  • Control of compliance with the specifications by an independent control company,
  • Control of the variety authenticity and the presence of seed by the EACCE (Etablissement Autonome de Contrôle et de Coordination des Exportations).



Morocco Nadorcott Seedless® is produced only in 100% isolated and regularly controlled orchards. This isolation ensure a naturally self sterility of the fruit inhibiting a cross-pollination with other citrus fruit varieties, avoiding therefore having fruits with seeds. Without using any genetic manipulation!

Morocco is the unique origin investing in natural isolation


The new label Morocco Nadorcott Sedless®, intertionally protected, reflect the « Natural » and « Premium » characteristics of the fruit and pledge the uniqueness of this mandarin worldwide

A wild-ranging communication plan was launched to establish this label as synonym of requirement, quality and confidence